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Friday, 13 April 2012

How to download torrents if P2P is blocked by your ISP

Hi guys today i am going to discuss a little about how to torrents through http not from P2P. Some of the service providers and network admins block the P2P connections to save their bandwith or to block to access to the piracy copies. Most of the Campus are blocked to many sites and my Campus also have the same. The CYBEROAM sucks all our interest as it blocks everything from the torrent to adult sites to the connections of VPN. How smart are they, they are collecting every single site we visit and if necessary they are going to block it. At the same time thousands of web sites are launched everyday for some different reasons and few of the thousands are related to the torrents. You can now download a torrent without having a torrent client by using the download manager.
One of the simplest and easiest way is to get a file hosting service which supports remote upload using with torrent but this feature is included only if you are a PREMIUM member which we do not want. If you are lucky to get a premium account it is the best way. Besides this there are a lot of websites which provides the opportunities to download the torrents by simply submitting the torrent from your P.C or the torrent link. So , even if you are blocked to browse to the torrent sites you can ask your friends to send the link or torrent files through email which your service providers will never block. I choose this site . Go to the site submit your link or torrent file and wait for them to download then you can download.

There are limitations for a free member you have limited Download speed you can not download parallel when you are downloading large files but you can if the files are small. The max. file size is 8GB and i think it is enough. If there is any problem let me hear in the comment box below. You can Post if you have more in the comment box. To get free premium member coupon you can go to .
For more parallel  downloads you can use different browsers with different accounts.

There are other ways as well is another one. You can add and download, there are free and premium users here also but the problem is you can not signup until you have an invitation code from another user. So you need an invitation code to join. I am giving you the invitation code HERE. If you have trouble in then check HERE

Similarly filestream is another service which has free and premium users as well. Choose your favourite service. All the best. Keep Torrenting.

Another method is by using the VPN services connect to VPN services and your torrent should be working. In this case you should use latest VPNs yet the best because cyberoam keep updating its database. Here is my choice of VPN in

If you missed how to connect to a simple VPN service you can read here.